Dear Reader,

Thank you for stopping by my blog. My name is Wren, and the most basic way to describe me is that I’m a 28-year-old young professional living and working in Columbia, SC. During the day, I work as a mortgage associate with a southeastern financial services company. By night, I work out, cook, practice yoga, run around with my dog, and probably watch too much Netflix. BUT… I’m also a writer.

I majored in English with a concentration in writing, and received my Bachelor of Arts from the University of South Carolina in 2012. I was published by Spry Lit Journal and Eckleburg in 2014 and 2016, respectively (you’ll notice I had fun experimenting with surnames). But I haven’t published since, and have been in a creative battle with myself as a result. That’s more or less why this space exists. I want to use it as a place where I can chisel through the enormous block that’s kept me from moving forward with my writing.

When I’m not working or paralyzed by anxiety due to a lack of writing practice, I immensely enjoy photography. I hope to buy a real camera one day so I can work on my skills and technique, figure out my particular photographic style, and maybe even use it to take my writing and this blog to the next level. Until then, I hope you enjoy the essays.



PS: Profile photos were taken by Ashley Sapp. All other photos were taken by me, unless otherwise stated.